Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October 4, 2009 Bulletin

Welcome to
Holly Spring Friends Meeting
October is Stewardship Month
October 4th, 2009
SENIOR PASTOR Todd Brown: 879-8388/318-5131 (cell)
YOUTH DIRECTOR/ASSOC. PASTOR Amanda Smith: 879-4385/460-2100 (cell)
CLERK OF MINISTRY & COUNSEL Darren Trogdon: 824-8525

Church Office Hours: Tues/Wed/Thurs 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon
 All announcements for the bulletin should be called or emailed to Kathy Vuncannon in the church office by Wednesday morning of each week. If anyone needs to reserve any of the church facilities or the church van, please call or e-mail Kathy with the dates and times.
 Church Phone: 336-879-3136
Email: hollyspring@rtmc.net ▪ Website: www.hollyspring.org

9:45-10:45 a.m. SUNDAY SCHOOL for all ages
11:00 am Children’s Church (age 4-2nd Grade/Grade 3-5)

Prelude and Centering Down
Congregational Hymn
Welcome and Announcements
Prayer Concerns
Children’s Story
Offering and Offertory
Choral Ministry
Open Worship

Today’s Greeters Robin & Kathy Robbins
Greeters Next Sunday…………………………........ .David & Marcella Brittain

Today’s Nursery Volunteers Mary Smith
Nursery Volunteers Next Sunday Beth & James Long


Looking Ahead:
Oct 11----Love Offering for CUOC & Ramseur Food Pantry
Oct 12---Ministry & Counsel Meeting in Library
OCT 15—Vision Committee Meeting Oct 18---Monthly Meeting Reporting Committees are: House & Grounds Committee and Missions following morning worship
Oct 21----Senior Citizen BINGO!!!!!!! Save the date you don’t
want to miss a great morning full of fun, fellowship, and
excitement! Please join us at Franklinville Pentecostal Holiness

We would like to lift up John Maness up in prayer along with his family. We just wanted to provide you with his address if you would like to visit with him or his family and also to send out cards to brighten his day.
Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center
C/O John Maness
Medical Center Blvd.
Winston-Salem, NC 2715 Phone: 1-800-446-2255

Today is the day for fun and excitement so don’t miss this wonderful opportunity with our Youth. Come out and join us at “Glo-Golf. Our youth will be leaving right after church for lunch and an exciting game of miniature golf in the dark!!!

CUOC Food Pantry Items for October: Green Beans
Ramseur Food Pantry for October: Pork n Beans

Sunday School Attendance – 103 Visitors – 3 Offering – $69.00
Worship Service Attendance –176
Designated Contributions:
Williams Land Fund…………………………………………………………………… $230.00
GENERAL FUND STATUS (w/o Williams Land)
Last Sunday’s Offering
Year-to-Date Offerings
Year-to-Date Requirement
$ 3994.18
General Fund Weekly Requirement (w/o Williams Land) $3,765.06
General Fund Weekly Requirement (with Williams Land) $4,240.73

Prayer Ministry

Long Term Prayer Concerns

Allen, Cherri Cox, Evelyn Macon, Etta
Beane, Helen Cox, Ina Maness, Philip
Beck, Laurie Craven, Lynden McCutchen, Erin
Brady, Geneva Grubb, Norma McDowell, Helen
Brower, Jason Koenig, Donald Williams, Deborah
Brown, Joyce & W.L. Macon, Eileen Williams, LaVerne
Cox, Hilton & Patsy Macon, Elna & J.H. York, Kathleen

Prayer Concerns

Allen, Addison Linthicum, Pat & Mary
Byers, Louise Frye, Linnie Maness, John
Thomas Garrison Family Poole, D.C.
Butler, Jimmy Hinshaw, Myron Rush, Nash
Cox, Marsha Hyatt, Elaine Spivey, Rebecca
Cox, Ruth Friend of Kerry Jean Underwood, Steven
Craven, Lynden Leach, Rachel Withrow, Kenny

Nursing Home Residents

Name of Resident Nursing Home
Joyce Brown Universal Health Care
Helen Beane Universal Health Care
Elna Macon Carillon Assisted Living
Norma Grub Gray Brier Nursing & Retirement Center

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